Trolley Ultrasound Scanner (ZQ-9902)

Trolley Ultrasound Scanner (ZQ-9902)

--Windows XPE operating system
--Beam-forming: DBF Digital beamformer,
RDF Real time dynamic filtering,
DFS Dynamic frequency scanning,
RDA Real time dynamic aperture,
DFR Dynamic receiving focusing
--128 arrays: 32 transmitting and receiving channels
--Scanning mode: Convex / linear / micro-convex
--Imaging mode: B, B+B, 4B, B+M, M
--Transducer connector: 2 (standard)

--Scanning depth: 40-250 (depending on transducer)
--Cine-loop: 2000 frames, several fames (B, 2B, 4B, 9B) can played simultaneously, Also support B/M, M mode cine-loop
--Image conversion: Up / down, left / right, black / white
--Probe selectable: Convex, linear, micro-convex, transvaginal, rectum
--THI(tissue harmonic imaging) technology
--System Management: Automatic measurement software of OB / GYN, urology,
Pediatrics, cardiology, small parts
--Obstetric Report: Multi-obstetric measurment reports, Fetus physiological grade,

Fetal physiological growth curve
--Other Reports: Reports Aotumatic generation of OB/GYN, urology, pediatrics, cardiology, small parts
--USB port can connnect the mouse and keyboard directly Power Supply: AC: 100V-115V / 220V-240V, 50 / 60Hz

Standard configuration:
--R60 / 3.5MHz convex (2.5 / 3.5 / 6.0MHz)
--R13 / 6.5MHz Transvaginal concex (5.0 / 6.5 / 8.0MHz)
--15 inch B/W SVGA monitor, USB2.0 port

--R20/5.0MHz Micro-convex (2.5 / 3.5 / 6.0MHz)
--7.5MHz Linear (6.5 / 8.5 / 12MHz)
--6.5MHz Rectum Linear(5.0 / 6.5 / 8.0MHz)
--17 inch LCD
-- ink jet printer, laser printer, video printer, video recorder
-- CD-ROM, 120GB Hard Disk, Puncture frame

Size & Weight
N. Weight: Main 44.5Kg
G. Weight: Main 67Kg
Meas: Main 865mm(w)x665mm(L)x1000mm(H)

Product Origin: China
Model Number: ZQ-9902
Brand Name: Zoncare

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